Star Cat and the Bread from Heaven

The Adventures of  Star Cat continued, aka Shooting Star, Starry


“Star and the Bread from Heaven”



We have a plethora of wild animals that live in our yard and cross over from the farm and conservation land on the far side of the Millbrook.


Our compost bin, nestled deep in the back corner of our property, is left uncovered for the animals and the birds to feast upon a varied menu of discarded fruits, vegetables and breads. For a number of years we thought that we had some very messy eaters, for bits of food were often scattered about the yard and littered the drive.


Whenever Star Cat was about, a cacophony of calls between birds, squirrels and chipmunks would begin:  a warning that the dreaded hunter was near.  One afternoon as I walked with our daughter, Ariel, to gather flowers Starry joined us, emerging from her shady spot under the Lilac. Ariel picked-up the cat and cuddled him as we walked along.  The amplified sounds of distress began to rise in timbre.


A moment later:  THWACK!!!  A quarter-loaf of hard French bread came hurtling through the air and whacked Ariel on the head!  High up on a branch was a twitching-tail squirrel chittering down at us.  The excited squirrel’s mark had been Star Cat.  So, this was why there was food all about:  it was being used as a weapon from on high to pelt the dreaded Cat!


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