Thanksgiving is on the way.

Last year our niece and nephew gifted us a perfect way to prepare a turkey. Let us share with you….

BILLY & CHRISSIE’S BEST & JUICIEST TURKEY A World of taste beyond compare.  You will never go back to other preparations, ever.



1 Gallon Vegetable Stock

½ Tablespoon Allspice Beans

½ Tablespoon Ginger

1 Teaspoon Peppercorn

½ Cup Light Brown Sugar

1 Cup Kosher Salt


1)     Bring Above Ingredients To Boil

2)     Refrigerate

3)     Clean & Rinse Turkey

4)     Submerge in the Cold Broth [above ingredients]

5)     Add 1 Gallon ICE [cubes] WATER

6)     Keep Refrigerated for 6-8 Hours!!!!!

7)     Drain & Pat Bird Dry

8)     Discard Broth

9)     Place Bird in Roasting Pan

10)                       Stuff with 1 Whole Apple [Onion, too, if you choose]

11)                       Cover with Foil

12)                       Cook in Pre-Heated 500 degree Oven for ½ Hour

13)                       Remove Foil & Drop Temperature to 350 Degrees and Cook for 2 Hours PLUS


Perhaps you are wondering why, with other recipes, you had to arise, pre-dawn, to begin to prepare your Turkey.  I shall tell you why.

Two things happened:  you stuffed your turkey and you did not take measures to give it moisture.

We shall resolve this by following this Recipe:



1)     Your Stuffing is being prepared separately in order to allow your Turkey an even heating process:  it is being caressed with heat over, around and throughout without the block which stuffing creates.

2)     Stuffing:  when one stuffs a Turkey:  the stuffing literally sucks out the moisture!  Think of the many Dry Turkeys, which you have suffered through!  Gravy and more gravy maybe helps a bit but, you still have a dry Turkey!  Dry leftovers, too!

3)     Prepare your Stuffing separately and just make sure to add enough stock to keep it moist:  stuffing is easy to work with if you think of it as a side dish.

4)     Sleep in!  Amaze all with a Great Bird!




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