Maple Syrup Time

This was a terrific year for the maple sap flow. March is our month to collect and boil the sap into the sweet nectar of Maple Syrup. It is a lot of work! Over 40 gallons of sap is needed for 1 gallon of syrup. We only tapped a few trees this year, but it was enough to yield 3 gallons of Grade AAA. Over the winter the life-giving sap is drawn out of the tree branches and held in the root system. In the late winter, when the days warm and the nights are cold, the sap flows out of the roots to nourish the leaf buds during the day and flows back to the roots at night. This is the flow that is collected. We use 5 gallon water bottles to collect and boil it all day on our big commercial gas stove. The house fills with rich-smelling steam. In the end we take the syrup and can it in mason jars. Yum.

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