Martha’s Vinyard

We took a quick overnight trip to Martha’s Vinyard to visit some of our favorite beaches. Catching the early ferry we took in the salt air. We noticed an enigmatic (glow-in-the-dark) symbol  displayed  throughout the ferry 6-inches off of the floor. I got down on my belly to get an image. None of the crew could explain what it means! Thank goodness we did not need to follow the directions implied to save our lives.
We headed straight for Chapaquidick for a long walk on the beach. We discovered a hapless harbor seal tangled up in a net and chain. He scooted back into the surf when we came by and bobbed up and down 30 feet out. We got in touch with the New England Aquarium Mammal Rescue Squad with our report. Farther down the beach, near where the last great hurrican cut through the sandbar, we found a dead whale being fed upon by seagulls. 
We spent the night in a 19th century Victorian Cottage in Oak Bluffs then set off for the colored clay cliffs of Aquinnah. On the way we stopped in the Wampanoag Tribal Headquarters to visit with our friend, Nefetiti.
Ate a great lobster roll before catchiong the ferry back to the mainland at Woods Hole.

 Martha's VinyardEnigmatic Symbol

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