Memorial Day

This is the Benediction delivered by your Innkeeper at the Memorial Day Observances and parade.

Memorial Day       May 25, 2009      

Deacon Gregory Burch


Let us pause in the soft silence of our own inner-peace where we embrace what we know to be Holy…


Eternal God, creator of days and centuries,

For you time is the unfolding of truth that already is,

The unveiling of beauty that is yet to be.


We gather in the springtime of the year,

among the gift of your abundant fragrant blooms:

colorful flowers that are, for us, a symbol of sacrifice

and a reminder of hope and renewal.


We recall swaying fields of black-eyed poppies,

each a marker for one of our own who died in sacrifice far from home.


And we remember so many other fields too, Lord,

 that evermore hug our loved-ones,

rather than be wrapped in the arms of those who needed them most.


Fields of sand under the red-blossomed sun, Fields of rice rattling like silver sabers,

Fields of snow with a crystal bloom, Fields jungle green and oceans blue,

Fields too far from the pastures of home


We honor all who have paid the price of our freedom with their god-given lives.

We pray today for their eternal rest.


And for all who pay dividends in tears on this ultimate price of lives lost,

We pray for their peace of heart.


Merciful God, we turn to you in hope,

Look kindly on all those who plow the field of war this day,

Keep them from danger

And return them safe to us.


We pray that one day it will not be our brothers and sisters who will be among the numbered heroes,

But that we will need to look back to our grandparent and their parent’s parents to find

a grave upon which to adorn with shorn flowers.


Those we mourn and honor today fought and died to bring us peace.

Let us resolve that their gift to us, once gained, will be cherished and held on to for all time.


In your Holy Name, this we pray.             Amen.

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