Have you ever been up close to a 50-foot, 40-ton whale? Once you have, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. According to the World Wildlife Fund,  Massachusetts is one of the top-ten whale-watching spots in the world!

Whale-watching is a fun day-trip from the Hawthorne Inn.

You can be dock-side in less than an hour from the Inn. Onboard with a naturalists you’ll head out  25 miles to Stellwagen Bank and be treated to awe-inspiring sights of humpback, pilot, minke and blue whales breaching and spouting through the deep Atlantic Ocean.  The season runs April-October.

We have gone out several times with Seven Seas and have always seen many beautiful animal. Once, while drifting among a pod, we were looking over the boat-rail directly onto the back of a lounging humpback, he opened his blow-hole and spouted all over us. Now that is a close look at whales.

Seven Seas Whale Watch http://www.7seas-whalewatch.com/

Cape Ann Whale Watch  http://www.seethewhales.com/

Did you know: "Mobey Dick" was dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Did you know: "Mobey Dick" was dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne.





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