Puppy Names

Here are the list of name suggestions for our new German Shepherd Puppy submitted by our Inn guests and our friends.  You have until March 4th [when Puppy arrives] to make more suggestions!  Please add them on our Hawthorne Inn Concord Facebook Page.


1.         Opie!   In honor of Martin Opitz, German poet born on December 23, 1597.

2.         I’ve always loved “Sparky“…..

3.         Fritz

4.         Thoreau

5.         Hope all is well. How about Chester, in honor of Daniel Chester French of Minute Man statue fame? Great historical significance, but an undeniably doggy name, nonetheless.

6.         Terra

7.         Rivers, Zazrak (miracle in Slovak)

8.         Einstein for new puppy sounds good!

9.         Nathaniel and call him Nate.

10.       Congratulations. He’s beautiful. I’m so glad Sky will have a new playmate.

11.       Great news about the puppy!  So I started thinking about Concord, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, and his writings……So, how about “Gable“?  As in House of the Seven of them, (and maybe even Clark Gable, if the pup’s really handsome……)He’d be called Gabe for short, of course……..

12.       Greetings! As I’m sure you know, when most of us travel, we have to put our beloved pets in a kennel or vet.  It’s hard not to think about them.
You could name your new pup “Tranquil“, Tran for short.  He will make guests feel more tranquil as they pet him in the hall, or even on the top of their bed. 
Then when they return home and make their apologies to their pets ,they can explain to them about their friend Tran.
As I say to my cat, “I will never leave you again”. That is true for about six months. Then I have to apologize again.

13.       Dimmesdale

14.       We think WALDON would be nice!

15.       Woopie, Pretzel, Licorice, Snickers

16.       Nathanial, Waldo, Theodore, Henry

17.       Isaiah

18.       how about Enzo (racing in the rain) It is a great story!

19.       I think Hawthorne would be appropriate!

20.       Roosevelt, Abbot, Dorchester Heights  =  Dorchester, Dory, DorHeg, Lennon,  SternKo

21.       Reiki

22.       Amos, because I believe it was Louisa May Alcott’s father’s name

23.       Snoopy

24.       Falcon

25.       Waldo is a cute name, and fits in well with the environs.

26.       Nathaniel or Nate

27.       I was thought that you should have a companion to, ‘Sky’, but, ‘Earth’, is not a good dog name.  Then I wandered to, ‘Terre’, meaning Earth, but that might sound like, ‘Terror’.  However, ‘Terry‘ sounded like a good, happy, name to me.

28.       The name Breeze would suit the puppy….

29.       Waldo“  — (as in Where’s Waldo?)  “Ralph” would be OK but for the fact that it is the butt of too many bad dog jokes.

30.       Bojangles

31.       Might I suggest, quite simply, that the puppy be named “Hawthorne  Inn writes: Thank you however we are concerned that every time we answer the phone “Hawthorne Inn” the dog will be confused!

            Reply: Well, it could be worse. Just imagine if you named the dog “Hello”

32.       Hermes- Emissary of the Gods, swift, stealthy, spiritual, transcendent and inspirational.

33.       Nathaniel Pawthorne

34.       Emerson seems to have liked cats more than dogs and then not  much. Thoreau admired dogs but doesn’t seem to have owned one. I would choose “Henry” over “Ralph” as the pup’s name but this lacks originality, and “Waldo” lacks gravitas in this application I think. 

            However Thoreau writes about a man in Concord who had a dog named “Burgoyne“, which is an interesting name for a dog but not very mnemonic for him to learn it perhaps.

35.       based on the puppy’s  March 4th arrival, his name should be Souza, as in John Philip Souza, the composer for marching music…(march forth, right?) 

            What could be more appropriate?

36.       Higgins- the cheeky little boy who liked to get into the sweet shop for cookies in House of Seven Gables

37.       Lex“—-a name of German origin, it is a shortened form of ‘Alexander’ which means “defender of man”.  So it’s simple, easy and fits a male German shepherd well on two important counts:  1. German nationality and origin    2. Traditional duty and for which this breed is so well known. 

38.       For your puppy name I suggest “Therien”, after Alex Therien the woodchopper Thoreau befriends in Walden, who was a quiet but tenacious fellow who had a strong sense of humour and reminded folks of a “prince in disguise”. I seem to remember him having an almost dog-like innocence!

39.       the puppy certainly looks like a Michael-–he can be your special angel

40.       Dogma” and “Ego” Dogma and Ego can bite, but as long as one restrains them and put them in a leash, they can be tamed. We see many dogmas and egos play and display on the street everyday. I want to make sure my dogmas and ego are on a leash when I parade them on public space.

41.       I suggest you call him Fuller, after Margaret. But the name has other applications too: he can be “Fuller piss and vinegar” when he’s feisty or “Fuller dinner” after you’ve fed him.

42.       Cloude, Stare, Moone, Sune, Earthe, Winde

43.       How about Louie after Louisa May Alcott?

44.       Gunther, Fritz 

45.       Emerson, of course!

46.       Hello–I think you should name that precious new pup Peabody.  Elizabeth Peabody, as I’m sure you know, opened the first English language kindergarten in the U.S.  Germany was educating its young children at that time, but most other places were not.  Elizabeth Peabody traveled to Germany to study the education of young children and returned to the United States to open her school.  How appropriate to name a German Shepherd after her…She was also a Transcendentalist and she is buried right there at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  I think it’s a very fitting name!  And an excellent name for a doggie.

47.       Nate? short of course for Nathaniel….

48.       Walden

49.       Cloud

50.       Sage,” for your consideration.  It would seem that its connotations of wisdom, virtue, and invulnerability would be most befitting of a beautiful German Shepherd who will be raised in the old bailiwick of such towering intellects as Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Alcott.  It is short, yet cute and original. The Stoics apparently thought of the sage as an individual who was beyond any possibility of harm from fate.

51.       Having played some awesome “fetch” with Skye who’s a wonderful host and entertainment director, my sense for the new puppy and the description you send is “Thoreau“.  He’ll live up to it, maybe build his own simple dog house

52.       Hi – since you already have SKY, I suggest you name the new little boy SUN. Then you have the Sun and the Sky! And since he’s the junior member of the family, SUN sounds like SON – so very appropriate for the new little guy. And, if he acts a little nuts (aka loony), you can call him LUNE (French for moon, of course)… (but you can pronounce it LU-NE when he acts up). So then its the SUN and the Sky and the Moon….maybe you need another dog? YIKES! Although it would cover all transcendental bases rather well…..

53.       JANO It doesn’t have a specific meaning but it means more like loved one.

            In Turkish it is CANO but c sounds different in your language.

54.       Walden, Leto, Koji, Diesel, Socrates

55.       I’ve been trying to focus on the wonderful history in your area, and for now I keep coming up with Rider; thinking about Paul Revere and the Knight Rider!  That’s what keeps sticking in my head so that’s my recommendation! It would be an easy name and nothing too difficult to repeat.

56.       MANDELA?????  Strength, perseverance and wisdom!!!!!  

57.       Night, Moon, Storm, Apollo, Zeus, Romeo, Othello, Ceasar, Chester

58.       Emerson, Thoreau or Walden

59.       Nathaniel, of course! Or perhaps Emerson? I’ve always had a soft spot for Laurie

60.       Felix (i.e. “the lucky one”)

61.       Henry (for Henry David Thoreau), Fenway, Rookie, Patton, Winston, Chalky, Dakota, Emerson, Bailey, Max, H. R. Bob, Kenya, J Z, George for George Washington

62.       NATE, As in Nathaniel Hawthorne but a nice short, contemporary version to fit well with SKY.

63.       Julian or Peabody (these names are related to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s family)

64.       Parker

65.       Theo

66.       as for a name…  Well, I just happened to be looking at a Christmas website when I pulled up your email.  My suggestion is: 

            Herr Drosselmeier OR Herr Drosselmeyer.  Call him Dros for short.  Since he was born around Christmas, and The Nutcracker is associated with Christmas, well, it seems to make sense to me.   You can read about Drosselmeyer’s character from ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet and see if it’s what you are looking for.  Though he has been portrayed in many different lights, I am sending you ones I like the best.  I have highlighted parts of his character I especially like.

            Drosselmeyer is the mysterious magician-like figure in Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Nutcracker”. Called affectionately “Uncle Drosselmeyer”, he is the godfather of Clara, the heroine of the ballet (or Marie, as she is called in some productions; Masha in others.) It is never explained in the ballet where he comes from or why Drosselmeyer has magical powers, but one of them, apparently, is the ability to bring toys to life. He sets the entire plot of “The Nutcracker” in motion by giving Clara the toy on Christmas Eve. Clara is especially fond of him (though their relationship is not borderline romantic, as some who see the ballet believe). Drosselmeyer seems to be aware of things of which the other characters are not; for instance, in the Baryshnikov production of the ballet, as well as Peter Wright’s Royal Ballet production, only he seems to know that the Nutcracker must fight the Mouse King, and that with the Mouse King’s death the Nutcracker will become a handsome Prince. And it is Drosselmeyer who, at the end of the dream in the Baryshnikov “Nutcracker”, returns to bring Clara back to the real world.In E.T.A. Hoffmann’s 1816 story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”, on which the 1892 Tchaikovsky ballet is based, the reason for Drosselmeyer’s involvement is made clear. He was once Official Ratcatcher for the King and Queen, and set mousetraps for the Mouse Queen and her children. This led to a series of incidents which culminated in Drosselmeyer’s nephew being turned into the Nutcracker by a magic spell.

In George Balanchine’s production of “The Nutcracker”, filmed in 1993, Drosselmeyer is mysterious, but kind, even comical (at one point, he amuses the children at the Christmas party by pretending that the Nutcracker has “bitten” his finger). He is not seen again in this production after the toys come to life at midnight. 

In E.T.A. Hoffmann’s 1816 story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”, on which the 1892 Tchaikovsky ballet is based, the reason for Drosselmeyer’s involvement is made clear. He was once Official Ratcatcher for the King and Queen, and set mousetraps for the Mouse Queen and her children. This led to a series of incidents which culminated in Drosselmeyer’s nephew being turned into the Nutcracker by a magic spell.



            Finally, Drosselmeyer’s character somehow blends with you feline friend.  Afterall, the ballet features rats and mice and such, and everyone relates rats and mice with cats, and dogs with cats.  


            So, there is my two-cents worth!  Have fun naming your puppy.  We sure had fun naming ours! 








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