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Our Life- A thank you.

Our Life: Bound to a space: 9 rooms, our home, another 9 rooms, the home of others, briefly.

An acre and a half of glorious New England Land bordered by the Millbrook, by the home of the Hawthorne’s and the Alcott’s; this sliver owned by them and by Emerson…HD Thoreau surveying : all of the Transcendentalists touching the soil on which we live.

We are contained , in our created environment, welcoming so many [we have added Syria and Rwanda to our list of guests] but, only, physically, for in this space, we have been truly Blessed to have shaken hands, to have laughed to have shared joys and sorrows and stories with so many and, most importantly, to have offered respite.

The most amazing thing is: as we have, hopefully, honored those who have crossed our threshold, they, too, have honored us by doing so.

We are held in the hearts of many and, in Prayer, we Thank those who have left our so wonderful Town of Concord, Our Inn, with Joy and Happiness and Memories to reflect upon.

I wish that we had taken of photo of every guest and wrote a brief line to remember them by …we have not.
Nevertheless, these notes are held in another place. Somewhere deep in hearts.

I wish that we had held a hand a bit more tightly; said Thank-you a bit more emphatically; listened a bit more intently.

Our lives, these 37 years, have been Blessed no more or less than any other.

God is with each of us.

Our path was to have meet many Gracing our Table.
Our circle was/is large.

Remember, the dance happens in intimacy and in broadness. The dance that is this Life, that is over, ‘just like that’!

Honor one another [even if you really do not want to].
Listen, too, to each other.
Play music that you Love and Dance alone, with another, but Dance and Sing and close your eyes when you look at Beauty [in a Sky, in reflecting water, in orchards ripe, at a lost person asking, wordless, for a path to wholeness].

Close your eyes and move and feel and take in beauty and pray that you can remember joy and love and serenity and beauty when times get tough; when your world feels like it is falling apart.

Prayer and connection.

And, a kind word really does means more than we shall ever know.

Many, in my life, amaze me by their humility and generosity and kindness.

I thank the many tens of thousands whom have allowed us excellent food on our table, the means to gift our three children the most amazing education: gifted us a good life.
We are so fortunate to be Innkeepers of our Inn.We are so fortunate to be Innkeepers of our Inn