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A “Fairy Tale Inn” Review

Autumn, 2010


I’m from a big city, where all you do is work and move at a 100 mph pace.  But I’m constantly getting lost in my imagination, and to me, Hawthorne Inn has been the living definition of a Fairy Tale.  Even this book I hold in my hands, has entries that date back 9 whole years, is a little piece of magic.  I’m staying here only one night, but I wish I could stay for weeks.  The coziness is enveloping, the history overwhelming, the beauty dazzling.  I’d like to think everyone who’s been here felt as I do.

Isn’t Hawthorne just a little piece of magic?  Definitely a perfect setting for a fairy tale.  Perhaps I shall find a frog outside tomorrow and kiss it into a prince.  The beauty here makes it seem possible.

            Keep making dreams come True. 

                                                                        S.E.  Age 13


Black and White quilt
Black and White quilt

We recently received a nice note from Japan from a woman who saw Marilyn’s quilts featured in the Japanese magazine “MY HOME”.  Several of Marilyn’s colorful quilts were featured in the December 2009 issue. her latest exoeriment is in black and white. The effect is dramatic. One gets lost in the swirl and contrast of pattern.

Concord’s 375 Birthday Celebration

Concord's 375th Birthday

Concord's 375th Birthday

Concord was the first English settlement above tide-water in North America. Incorporated on September 11, 1635, we will celebrate 375 years with a bash. There will be a parade with over 90 units, brass cannon and 50 horses. Fireworks will light the sky, music will fill the air, stories will be told and there will be dancing and merriment at the Ball. Join us for this spectacular event. For a shedule of events go to:

Spring Arrives

Spring came opn us with a storm of color. We established two new cutting-beds last year. Marilyn has been busy harvesting the aromantic bounty and filling vases in each of the guestrooms with fresh flowers.

Patriot’s Day Celebration, April 19th

 Patriot’s Day in Concord is a festive affair. It was here, at the Old North Bridge, that Colonials were first ordered by their Officers to fire upon British Regulars. In this town, on the morning of April 19, 1775, the first British soldier fell to Colonial Arms: and thus was fired “The Shot Heard “Round the World”. Concord celebrates with battle re-enactments, a Patriot’s Ball, Parade, cannon fire and lots of black powder musket retorts.  Concord also has the nations oldest Horse-Drawn Independent Cannon Battery. This year Gregory had the honor of being asked to give the Invocation and Benediction at the Merriam’s Corner Exercise.

The oldest Battle Banner in America, the Bedford Flag.

Maple Syrup Time

This was a terrific year for the maple sap flow. March is our month to collect and boil the sap into the sweet nectar of Maple Syrup. It is a lot of work! Over 40 gallons of sap is needed for 1 gallon of syrup. We only tapped a few trees this year, but it was enough to yield 3 gallons of Grade AAA. Over the winter the life-giving sap is drawn out of the tree branches and held in the root system. In the late winter, when the days warm and the nights are cold, the sap flows out of the roots to nourish the leaf buds during the day and flows back to the roots at night. This is the flow that is collected. We use 5 gallon water bottles to collect and boil it all day on our big commercial gas stove. The house fills with rich-smelling steam. In the end we take the syrup and can it in mason jars. Yum.

Christmas Open House

The last 6 months have sped by, highlighted by many fun events. We participated in the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Open House. The inn was decked out in the finest of Christmas decorations with two trees, a half dozen creche sets and many seasonal decorations. In the Historic Districts of Concord all exterior holiday lighting is restricted to white bulbs. With the lovely snow cover this beautiful continuity of sparkling celebration highlights the icicles and intensifies the abundant stars.