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A “Fairy Tale Inn” Review

Autumn, 2010


I’m from a big city, where all you do is work and move at a 100 mph pace.  But I’m constantly getting lost in my imagination, and to me, Hawthorne Inn has been the living definition of a Fairy Tale.  Even this book I hold in my hands, has entries that date back 9 whole years, is a little piece of magic.  I’m staying here only one night, but I wish I could stay for weeks.  The coziness is enveloping, the history overwhelming, the beauty dazzling.  I’d like to think everyone who’s been here felt as I do.

Isn’t Hawthorne just a little piece of magic?  Definitely a perfect setting for a fairy tale.  Perhaps I shall find a frog outside tomorrow and kiss it into a prince.  The beauty here makes it seem possible.

            Keep making dreams come True. 

                                                                        S.E.  Age 13