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Ah! A Crisp…A Hawthorne Inn Crisp

Fill a 9 inch square pan almost to the top with fruit:

I mix Apples and Pears or Mangos and Peaches with Raspberries or Cherries for color

2-3 Tablespoons Lemon juice

3 tablespoons Sugar:  white or brown

1-2 tablespoons flour

a bit of juice:  Mango; Cider, ect. depending on fruits used

Top this with a mixture of:

6 tablespoons soft butter

1/3 cup sugar

dash salt

3/4 cup flour

mix well and add in 2/3 cup hazlenuts or slivered almonds

I mix this by hand and then crumble over the fruit

Serve hot and bubbly

When it’s Apple season, this really tastes like a wonderful pie!

I usually prepare the fruit the night before; mix the topping in the morning:  easy.