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Renae & Benoit, France

Thank-you so much for a home-like welcome, warmth, help, beauty, delicious breakfasts....These were the wonderful first days of our Honeymoon!

Many & Aleya, Singapore

We absolutely loved our stay at the Hawthorne Inn. Marilyn & Gregory are amazing hosts and breakfast with their interesting guests was a seredipitous element of our stay in Concord....the Inn dogs, Paska and Sky are a big attraction....The decor is quirky and charming: All good!

hristina & Lucas, Australia

Your hospitality has been wonderful. A perfect start to the day with a delicious home-cooked breakfast. Thank-you so much for all of your suggestions for our travels futher North.

Meegan & John, Virginia

Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality you've shown us. Traveling with a two month old, a toddler and a dog can be stressful but staying here was very relaxing: your Inn has made my 39th Birthday memorable!

Swapna & Himanshu

Staying in a new town with a very young child for 3 weeks could easily turn into a nightmare. But, thanks to you, we felt right at home here. In fact, it felt like we were visiting our family.
Your Inn is beautiful and welcoming. The gardens are charming, the rooms are conmfortable but most importantly you received us in such a warm way. That clam chowder you served upon our late arrival was a gesture we will always remember.
In these 3 weeks you have become a very special part of our life and we will always hold these memories close to our heart.
Our son has learned a lot of things during his stay with you. I am sure he is going to miss you both, your grounds and, most of all your pets, Paska & Hector & Sky!
We hope to be back agin just to enjoy your company, your beautiful home and, not to mention, the awesome breakfast.
In our Indian culture we beleive we have some bonds that carry forward from our past life and we connect with those people instantly in this life. We felt that connection with you.
I am going to leave this place with a heavy heart, a relaxed and invigorated body and, most of all, an inspired soul.

Daiyan, Japan

Translated from Japanese:
You never know who you touch.

Sonja, age 13, Washington D.C.

I'm from a big city where all you do is work and move at a 100 mph pace. But, I'm constantly getting lost in my imagination and, to me, the Hawthorne Inn has been the living definition of a Fairy Tale. Even this book, that I hold in my hands, has entries that date back 9 whole years, is a little piece of magic.
I'm staying here only one night but I wish I could stay for weeks. The cozyness is enveloping, the history overwhelming, the beauty dazzling. I'd like to think everyone who's been here felt as I do. Isn't Hawthorne just a little piece of magic? Definitely a perfect setting for a fairytale.
Perhaps I shall find a frog outside tomorrow and kiss it into a prince. The beauty her makes it seem possible.
Keep making dreams come True.

John & Marcia Omaha, Nebraska

The excellent reputation you enjoy led us here. The experience we have had exceeds even those lofty expectations. We woke up the first morning and said, "This is what it is supposed to be like". From food to accommodations through to the advice, the entire experience has been most excellent.

Marge Montauk, New York

Thank-you for another wonderful visit. I stayed with you a few years ago when I paddled my kayak on Walden Pond at sunrise one glorious fall morning. Mist cloaked the water and I glimpsed deer drinking along the pond's edge, heard a loon call, and breathed in the aroma of fall leaves and wood smoke. It was a highlight of my life. Once again I made a pilgrimage of sorts to Walden.
Thank-you for your warmth and wonderful hospitality.

Julia & Ross

Our stay for our 15th anniversary has had the luxurious simplicity of three roses in a water glass here on the desk as Iwrite. The first warm wind of June stirs the lace curtains and rustles the Sunday papers. In this room, as in a good marriage, there is space, and time, and comfort; there is sitting apart and sleeping togather; there is talk and silence.
The memory of each room-like the memory of each June- becomes part of a life togather.
Thank-you for adding to our memory.

Army Cheif C. Arkansas

This was the first time in 20 years that I had the chance to unplug from my world. No T.V., no computer and my cell phone would not work. GREAT!! I feel that this place has somehow re-charged my eternal battery. Thanks.
I beleive that I can once again rejoin the soldiers on the Battlefield with a renewed vigor. In this world there are many wars to fight. {Terrorism, Racism, Drugs, Poverty, ect.} Now I am ready for the challenge.
Like a wounded soldier lost in these ancient woods, I stumbled into the Hawthorne Inn! Maybe it was by Chance or Divine Intervention. Whatever the case, the Concord Room has been my refuge, my place of spiritual healing.
Many times in life we only pass a place one time. As I pass this place I would like to thank Gregory and Marilyn for their warm hospitality.

Rae & Richard Cambridge, Massachusetts

An idyllic visit, again! We asked our two girls whether they might like to go somewhere warmer this Spring Break-like a beach in Mexico...But, given a choice between cycling to Concord, and staying at the Hawthorne Inn, there was no hesitation.
Highlights of our visit this time were the Great Meadows, where we saw Muskrats and Wild Geese and Ducks and Turtles; and Drumlin Farm to see the Baby Lambs, and the Birds and Foxes and Owls
We hope to be back agin when Grandma and Grandpa are over from England.

Christine & Marc Taylor, Mississippi

Y'all know how to do things right! Having been in the Bed and Breakfast business we know how much that means. We take our hats off to you for all the years and talent and love you've put into it. You feel like kindred spirits to us. We wish you well and hope to see and hear much more of y'all in coming months. Look us up next time you are passing through.
All the best 'till then.

Suzy & Bob Bethesda, Maryland

Thank-you for a wonderfully relaxing few days in what is without question one of the most interesting small towns in New England-amazing collection of thought, reflection and history at one time in this town. Hawthorne Inn is the perfect backdrop to the iconoclasm of the great thinkers who previously graced this landscape. We hope to return in the future.

George & Julie

The town, the home, the room speaks for itself, nostalgic, romantic are two. My own love affair with Concord and Emerson was shared tonight with my girlfriend who I propsed to in this room on the small footstool.
"The ornaments of a house are the friends which frequent it." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kim Tampa, Florida

Marilyn & Gregory, From the 1st step of the door I knew I was in the right place. I have visited Inns and B&Bs all over the world and yours was home. There is a family of love here. Everywhere you look is a party for the eye! Thank you for making my 1st trip to Concord so amazing. Also thanks for having so much snow...I love it!!

Sheila & Richard Bavaria Germany

This Inn epitomizes New England coziness and Marilyn & Gregory do the same on the hospitality level. To be a guest but to not feel or be treated like one is a fine art that our gracious hosts, now friends, perform with natural elan. Thanks for making us fell at home!

Steve & Lori Dallas, Texas

This is a wonderful and warm home! There's nothing I enjoyed more than holding my new wife in my arms in front of the inviting fireplace! The charm of this home isout of this world! I know we'll be back!

Kathleen Plantsville, Connecticut

Marilyn & Gregory,
I want to thank-you for my "upgraded' stay in the Emerson Room.
Secondly, you know your business and have the Hawthorne Inn down to a science. It's got beauty, ancient trees, cobblestones & bricks; nature all around you. A special place it is...Your Inn is a reflection of who you are: trevalers, collectors, hobbiests, parents, animal lovers and, most of all, kind and caring people.
Thank-you and God Bless and Keep You.

Ken Q. Shanghai, China

Thanks for the wonderful place; it's peaceful. Hope to have another chance to be here again! Good luck.

Alicia & Peter Boston, Massachusetts

Thoreua may have had his cabin and Hawthorne may have had the Wayside but we'll always feel at home at the Hawthorne Inn! After two days we still haven't exhausted discovering all the little niches and whimsical details of the Emerson Room [what is in all those little drawers in the bedside tables?].
Gregory and Marilyn's generosity and insightful advice made this the perfect homebase to explore the living heritage of our New England past.
Thanks so much!

Faye & Steve Dubai

Thank-you for a warm, comfortable, restful three nights after a hectic holiday period. Look us up if you are ever in the Middle East!

Neal & Michael New Yor City, New York

To a Renaissance Couple! Marilyn & Gregory, Thank-you for a most enjoyable stay at your Inn. Breakfasts were delicious and conversations delightful; thanks as well for the history lessons and numerous travel tips!
All the best to both you and your family!

Bob & Jan

Concord's Hawthorne Inn
A step back to another time.
as one lies in the soft four poster bed
Faint footsteps are heard from the past.
Those of Hawthorne, thoreau, Emerson and Alcott
All who walked these grounds.
Listening more carefully,
conversations are heard
Of things that survived the decades.
Little did they know that the imprint from their journeys
Would touch those o follow

Margie Beaufort, North Carolina

This has been my first experience with a B & B-a home away from home. It will not be my last. You have that special talent for making guests feel at ease and welcome to your Inn. That is, indeed, a God given talent, I feel.

Angelo, Amalia & Family North Italy

We started from the Hawthorne Inn on our round trip in New England. It was a very good introduction. We appreciate very much the flavours of the site and delicious hospitality of "Mrs". Marilyn

Masaka Tokyo, Japan

In the Alcott Room

We heard a bird's shrill voice which we had never heard.
We saw a wooden bench under a tree in a lone field.
We walked a sidewalk of a road where cars were rushing somewhere.
We waded through grasses which we still wet because of the last night's rain.
We walked with a cab driver who advised me to buy a car.
We played a card game which had never existed before.
We read aloud old Japanese sentences on a ukiyo-e, a little tough to decipher.

I tried to write an English poem which would turn out to be an awkward pile of words. While she was trying to build a tower of cards which was never to stand long.
While a woman on the radio was speaking that the increase of widows and orphans has become a problem in Afganistan.

--at the Hawthorne Inn in Concord

Dear Marilyn & Gregory
Last night I wrote this. Though maybe written in horrible English, I dedicate it to you as a humble token of our gratitude.

John & Diane Kensington, California

Dear Greg,
What a great stay we had at your place week before last. I came away with a great need to convey my sympathies to you an the closing of the village dump. Although I realize this made your wife happy, I feel I can imagine how this loss struck you, a man with years of reaching and grasping still looming, bereft of such a ready sanctuary.
Here is the book on cats I mentioned to you during our stay. You said you thought it was one that you had not yet collected, so here, collect it. But share it with the cats.
I think you will appreciate the fact that it is not new, but seasoned with years of rereading. Cats usually fall for such material, so share it...and it springs to mind, in summary, that I might add I think you may find it a good winter's reread.
i felt your gray cat had just walked out of the book, but I couldn't recall the caption. Maybe you can.
With pleasant memories of our visit
Sadly, I am afraid Diane is in your wife's camp, secretly savoring the thought that if Concord could close its dump, ours too might close.

Jane California

Marilyn & Gregory,
I want you to know what a big difference the Hawthorne Inn and your hospitality has made for me this week. Check this out: I cried when I kissed my husband good-bye last Friday, early in the morning. Now I look forward to returning home & I find myself sorry to leave the Hawthorne. The other day I actually said I would be "home" at such and such a time-and I was refering to the Hawthorne Inn! I also have to say: I LOVE my room.
Thanks for what you two do so well. Needless to say {as Arnold put it} "I'll be back!
That's Arnold Schwareneger, of course!

Mark Cincinnati, Ohio

Having travelled extensively for the past thirty yeras I can't tell you when I've had a more enjoyable stay. Thank-you for your hospitality!


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Best of Boston Awards announced. Hawthorne Inn designated, "Best Place To Stay".

November-December 2013
Yankee Magazine
Inn designated as,"nationally renowned"

August 2013
Victorian Homes Magazine
Hawthorne Inn recognized, "5 Best Historic B&Bs in the US"

September 2010
Inn featured on ABC Boston's popular Chronicle show.

October 2010
Hartford Magazine
"Autumn Pleasures" article names Hawthorne as only place to stay in Massachusetts.

May 2008
The Inn was featured in the May 2008 edition of Yankee Magazine.

January 2010
The Inn was featured in the Boston Globe Style section.

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Forbes Magazine has recognized The Hawthorne Inn: "The 10 Best Inns of New England."

October 2008
Sky, our friendly Inn dog, is the star performer in a filmed tour of scenic Concord. Join her for a romp through history.

November 2008
South Korean Public T.V.
Filmed at the Hawthorne Inn with extensive interviews with the Innkeepers.Chosen for its beauty and interest the Inn will be featured on a popular travel show investigating American Culture.

August 2008
American Historic Inns
The Innkeepers have been recognized for their years of Innkeeping experience. Gregory and Marilyn will be honored on the cover-page of the next edition of the American Historic Inns Guidebook.

Norm Abrams
Of This Old House filmed at the Hawthorne Inn a special project public service film outlining safe renovation techniques.

June 2007
1000 Places to See
The Hawthorne Inn has been included in the book "1000 Places To See in the USA and Canada Before You Die", inspiration for the reality show on the Travel Channel.

May 2007
Quilts Japan
The Innkeeper's quilts were featured in the acclaimed magazine, Quilts Japan. Marilyn's skill as a quilter was on display with a short photo-essay that highlighted three of her quilts.

April 2007
"The Inn-Credible Breakfast Cook-Off", designed to recognize the best "Inn" breakfast in America, has crowned the Hawthorne Inn a winnwer for Best Breakfast Side-dish for our original "Hickory-Dickory Bosc", pears in hickory syrup.

April 2007
The Japanese Arts magazine BUN 2 featured the Innkeeper's sculptural works. Gregory was also on the cover photo showing him carving stone.